Inferno Daemon

Immediate Mode

Up until now, the examples have all used Inferno’s immediate mode (-i option). That is, they execute exactly one map/reduce job and then exit.

diana@ubuntu:~$ inferno -i names.last_names_json

Daemon Mode

You can also run Inferno in daemon mode. The Inferno daemon will continuously monitor the blobs in DDFS and launch new map/reduce jobs to process the incoming blobs as the minimum blobs counts are met.

two unprocessed blobs
three unprocessed blobs
2 processed blobs, 1 unprocessed blob
3 processed blobs

Example Daemon Logs

Here’s the Inferno daemon in action. Notice that it skips the first automatic rule because the minimum blob count wasn’t met. The next automatic rules’s blob count was met, so the Inferno daemon processes those blobs and then persists the results to a data warehouse.

diana@ubuntu:~$ sudo start inferno
2012-03-27 31664 [inferno.lib.daemon] Starting Inferno...


2012-03-27 31694 [inferno.lib.job] Processing tags:['incoming:server01:chunk:task']
2012-03-27 31694 [inferno.lib.job] Skipping job task_stats_daily: 8 blobs required, have only 0


2012-03-27 31739 [inferno.lib.job] Processing tags:['incoming:server01:chunk:user']
2012-03-27 31739 [inferno.lib.job] Started job user_stats@534:d6c58:d5dcb processing 1209 blobs
2012-03-27 31739 [inferno.lib.job] Done waiting for job user_stats@534:d6c58:d5dcb
2012-03-27 31739 [rules.core.database] user_stats@534:d6c58:d5dcb: Saving user_stats_daily data in /tmp/_defaultdESAa7
2012-03-27 31739 [rules.core.database] user_stats@534:d6c58:d5dcb: Finished processing 240811902 lines in 5 keysets.
2012-03-27 31739 [inferno.lib.archiver] Archived 1209 blobs to processed:server01:chunk:user_stats:2012-03-27